CANDIDA ALBICANS & low-glycemic desserts

coconut-flourWhy, oh why, should we care about the glycemic levels of our foods?  When I was young(er) I fathomed it was more linked to type 2 diabetes and waist lines.  Turns out, having a high level of sugar in your blood stream is a lot more than that.

A problem I recently encountered, and a very un-fun one that results from having too much sugar and caffeine is an overgrowth of yeast in the intestines, called candida albicans.  It’s a pretty brutal thing to rid yourself of, and after 6 months of eating a virtually sugar and caffeine-free diet (no booze, no booze ahhhh) I am now on a round of anti-fungals to hopefully knock it out.  Fingers super crossed.

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quinoa maki sushi

I didn’t realize I loved avocado so much.  But I do know that I love this sushi.

Refined grain-free, quinoa maki makes sushi a party.  And it’s so pretty.  Fill it whatever protein you like, and give the sliced scallions a try.  They taste heavenly!

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brown rice ravioli

pretty-folded-raviolioh haaaaaay

So, this is awesome.  I’ve now become a little pasta shop.

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mint minced chicken

It could be imagined that my arms are sore right now. After all, heavy lifting with a cleaver and filming this episode do take its toll.  Dumbells are now officially replaced by tripods.  Not like I used dumbells anyways.

OK, ramble on, and then let’s stop and watch a video about a little combination I’ve fallen for: mint and chicken.

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bubble child on instagram

bubble child now on instagram & pinterest!

bubble child on instagramI guess instead of celebrating, I should really be asking myself, “Why’d this take so long!” Here we go, Bubble Child took 6 years of existence to make it to a more “modern” media platform, and I’ve gotta say, it’s fun.  I’m already going crazy in the kitchen today posting pictures of cupcakes and tuiles and things.

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Now you’ll see how unabashedly often I cook on a daily basis.

…I guess that’s what you have to do as a Bubble Child!  Darn. ;)