vegetarian ginger fried rice

Some people come into your life for odd reasons and you’re happy they did.  That’s how I felt about doing this collaboration with The Vegetarian Baker, aka Jac.  Jac is originally from the states, is professionally trained in pastry, and now works for a company called “Looly’s Pearls” in Morocco where they are hiring local women who would normally have trouble finding work and independence to fabricate their artisanal couscous.  Very cool!

Jac’s been with Tastemade since the beginning, and so I’m very honored to have filmed a collaboration video with him.  As the name suggests, Jac specializes in vegetarian food, not just sweet things, but everything from main dishes, sides, pastry, to drinks.  When asked why he went vegetarian, with some pretty daunting pancreas health issues during his youth that have never quite gone away, vegetarian was better for his body, and now is his way to go.

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ginger peach chutney

peach-chutney-in-bowl-side-viewpeach-cut-in-halfI’ve found myself eating less and less meat recently.  I suppose there are a few reasons for that:

(1) When I eat less meat I leave more room in my stomach for other flavors.

(2) I feel more energetic when I limit my meat intake to no more than once a day.

(3) It’s better for the wallet and the environment.

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creamy cabbage and pumpkin seed salad

There are just times when it’s gotta be fast.  And this is one of them… both with the video and the salad, and I’m totally cool with it.

Here’s a lil’ quickie on one of my go-to all-year round salads.  It is, however, mighty fine for a summer picnic.  :)




gluten free chicken fingers

In the summertime, when the weather is fine,

We eat our chicken, and drink our wine,

Unless you’re vegan, then you can sub out

Tofu in this recipe.

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gluten free & vegan OREOS

I’m on an oreo kick right now.  Perhaps it’s the heat and no air conditioning getting to my head, perhaps it’s the fact that these things are just… delicious.  I don’t know, but this recipe is on repeat (times repeat times repeat) in this household.  So much so that I have to share.  Now.  So I can make more to eat.

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