what to pack for 2 weeks in the desert

As promised, I am sharing with you my shopping list for what I packed to survive in the high desert alone for 2 weeks without any grocery shopping whatsoever.  I was very relieved that my initial shopping list that I’ve shared below and game plan was successful, as you can see from the video I was quite literally in the middle of nowhere.  Not even a grocery store in town.

My game plan was pretty simple: start with fresh foods that I eat right away, then move onto canned, dried, and frozen goods.  It worked swimmingly, and I have to say that knowing that I had a limited supply and had to “ration” (not starve, just not eat everything anytime I wanted) was very meditative and made me appreciate trying different flavor combinations with the same ingredients!

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not-tuna salad

sandwich-plated-not-slicedMy allergies can be rather un-gentle sometimes.  For instance, I eat canned tuna (or any tuna for that matter) and I vomit.

For those of you who stopped reading there, I understand.  For those of you who didn’t, you’re in for a treat:

You can make tuna-fish sandwiches with other fish.

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carrying glass mezcal

wild blueberry mezcal cocktail

Should we call it convenient that I am publishing a cocktail featuring a liquor from Mexico on the 5th of May?  Or should be just call it a happy coincidence because I am in a location where I really had an urge to drink Mezcal and, ta da, it happens to also be a very American marketed Mexican holiday.

cut in half fruit grapefruit etccarrying glass mezcal

It’s the latter, and I’m going to tell you why Mezcal is the best.

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shaved jicama & avocado salad

jicama-salad-in-mugUp until last night, I had gone 9 days straight without talking to a single living soul face to face.  Certainly the longest for me in my life.  For those of you following me on snapchat (username bubblechildcook), you are well aware of this displacement that has whisked me out of the land of the civilization and stuck myself in the land of the free (?) for two weeks to get some creative work done.

I have of course brought my cat, but I guess I needed a model?


Seriously, though.  What a babe.


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my 3 favorite homemade vegan sauces & dips

Well, here’s a hello from very sunny California today.  It’s legitimate shorts weather.  Not that spotty sun “shorts weather” where you look like you’re wearing micro fishnets because of your goosebumps.  You can’t lie to yourself here: this is full throttle sweat-in-your-jean-pants kinda hot.  I’m feelin’ it.


And so it’s the perfect kind of climate for me to share these three sauce recipes with you.  They’re so light and are perfect for summer flavors and proteins.  (They’re all vegan and gluten-free!)

I feel like my videos have been a bit complicated lately (what’s new) but I really wanted to hone in on the basics this time.  Sauces are important basics, because they (a) are one of the most fundamental kitchen techniques in French cuisine and (b) make all of your other basics taste good in every other cuisine.  What useful little guys.

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