financiers (sugar-free!)

I had a ton of fun making this video.  Financiers are some of my all-time favorite classic French pastries, and unforunately for many people with food allergies they are completely off limites — they’re traditionally concocted with almond flour, and wheat flour.  And butter.  Got a nut, wheat, or dairy aversion?  Good luck!

In addition, the amount of powdered sugar in these things won’t exactly aid your tummy… or your ability to eat the whole tray as you will want to after eating one.

financiersSo, today we’re gonna play in the kitchen replacing the gluten, sugar, and nuts in these things!  The result?  It made me dance.  (And for better or worse, it’s filmed.)

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fennel roasted broccoli

It’s kind of amazing how scrumptious this is for something so ridiculously healthy.  Broccoli sent shivers down my spine when I was a child.  Either I have matured (ha!) or it’s just waaaaaaay way way way better roasted.

fennel-roasted-broccolilike, way way way way way….

(So there goes the option of having matured.)

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buckwheat tuiles

Tuiles are a sort of fancy French cracker that I became quite fond of while working at the Park Hyatt Le Pur’ Restaurant in Paris.  Our sous-chef was Japanese, and had a fondness for buckwheat.  Hence, we prepared a buckwheat tuile (with butter) and it was just scrumptious.

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chocolate ginger eclairs! (gluten&dairy free)

The joyyyyyy.  We had a visitor in the Bubble Child kitchen the other day, none other than the lovely Katie Quinn from the youtube channel qkatie.  She wanted something “Parisian”, so certainly my heart skipped to eclairs.

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cutting board basics

I love it when my gorgeous wooden cutting board gets all moldy and purple-green from having cut filet mignon on it.

Oh, wait, I don’t.  And I don’t know the last time I made filet mignon at home, either.  So… (odd silence)

Here’s a video to avoid everything that just happened in this post.