tiny date goat cheese balls

tinylittledateballsEntertaining can be so lovely and so limiting sometimes.  I guess we could compare it to karate — perhaps you don’t want to make too many hits but the ones you do should be more effective, no?

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how to cut an onion

When I first learned how to cut an onion, it was, in my opinion, too late, as it was when I was apprenticing at a restaurant in Greenwich Village, Manhattan. The other cooks looked at me like I was from Mars and in the kitchen world, that’s, like, a 5-year set-back.
I guess I’m making up for lost time, now, because after their briefing, well, it’s worth sharing.
Now you don’t have to worry about not making that chili from scratch for fear of calling out for Maybelline waterproof! Get down with your bad self and that onion with a sharp knife and some new skills. :)

roasted sprouts bowl

garlic roasted brussel sprouts

I was so not ready for Thanksgiving this year.  Perhaps it’s because it’s living in a country where the majority of the population doesn’t even know what the holiday means?  (vive la France!) or maybe it’s because life seems to be screaming a blissful 100 miles an hour right now and the 27th of November just caught up with me too soon.

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homemade pumpkin seed butter

homemade pumpkin seed butter

Nut allergy?  Bah humbug.  Ain’t nothin’ gonna take my PB&J away from me!
Here’s a dairy and nut-free recipe for homemade pumpkin seed butter:

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how to mince garlic

howtomincegarlicAs a few of you might have seen a week ago (ish… time flies when you lose track of it, doesn’t it?) Bubble Child has started a new cooking show.  Yippeeee!!

The videos consist of (a) recipes and (b) Bubble Child Basics (how-to’s).

The first “how to” is how to mince garlic.  Enjoy the catharsis.

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