homemade garlic mayonnaise & cabbage ‘slaw

In making this video, I realized how much I didn’t like mayonnaise growing up, and how much I adore this recipe.  If you taste the difference between homemade mayo and that bought in a glass jar far away from a refrigerator, it’s kind of scary.

Homemade mayo has three crucial elements: raw egg yolks, a whole lotta oil, and some sort of acid, be it vinegar or lemon juice.  These things emulsify together into a creamy delight of a sauce, and will last for a good few days in the fridge if you’re lucky.  The fact that big brand mayo lasts for months on end in the fridge?  I’d say it’s a long departure from what the original was that inspired it!

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goat’s cheese pumpkin seed butter cups

Not kidding.  These babies have goat’s cheese, homemade pumpkin seed butter, dark chocolate, and sea salt.  Ahhhhhh.


That’s all.

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baked spiced zucchini fritters

spices-added-to-zucchini-frittersbaked-zucchini-frittersIf vegetables tasted this good when I was younger, I don’t even know how much taller I would have been.

Do vegetables make you taller?

I guess I wouldn’t have known, given my infantile affinity for diet soda and cake.  I’m simply happy I surpassed 5 feet.  (Barely.) Read more


how to chiffonade herbs

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everybody!! This is the last intentionally green-colored video I’m going to publish for this month. I can’t make any promises that the remaining few weeks will not host a little bit of chlorophyll, but I do know that you cannot have pinched me leading up to today.

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how to wash hands

wash dishes by hand to prevent allergies

Time Magazine – Why Washing Dishes by Hand May Lead to Fewer Allergies

I’ve heard this hypothesis before, and I don’t doubt its validity.  There are many strains of thought when it comes to what causes food allergies, and oversanitization is one of them.  In the States, we have a relatively huge percentage of the population who claim to have food allergies, and we are also a community rather stifled by germs.  Dishwashers are rampant (which I miss, by the way) and antibacterial hand wash can be found in everything from hospitals to Targets.

how to wash hands

(we’re so scared sometimes)

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