gluten free & vegan OREOS

I’m on an oreo kick right now.  Perhaps it’s the heat and no air conditioning getting to my head, perhaps it’s the fact that these things are just… delicious.  I don’t know, but this recipe is on repeat (times repeat times repeat) in this household.  So much so that I have to share.  Now.  So I can make more to eat.

chocolate-batter-oreosgluten-free-oreosThe fun thing about making your own oreos is, well, I should say: here are the fun THINGS about making your own oreos: Read more


how to choose gluten-free flours

After many requests, I am finally sharing which gluten-free flours I generally choose and why.  Since gluten-free baking is so new in the scheme of baking history, it’s still a world of exploration.

There are few schools that teach it, few chefs that master it, and I think we can all benefit from divulging our little tricks and tips to help each other get the best results without having to laden our desserts with too much starch or unnecessary sugars to replace what we miss in gluten.

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how to pit cherries screenshot

how to pit cherries with chopsticks

Some people may not like their mother-in-laws, and that I understand.  I happen to be a lucky one in that not only do I like her, but she sends me videos like this.  (And she’s one of the only French women I know who eats gluten-free, so…. <3 !!!)

Enjoy this tip.  And make a pie or something with it.  :)


a lazy 4th of July cake

4th-of-july-cake-cutThere are some, and bless you, who have every holiday planned out to a “T”.  Your ingredients are bought 3 days before, you know what dessert is being served at X hour, your iced tea mint leaves are already in perfect chiffonade.

Then, there are some like, well, yours truly.  We wake up and say, “Ah, oh right, it’s my country of origin’s birthday.”  And then the train of thought stops and moves onto other things, like how your cat slept that night, how amazing it is that nail polish remains on your hands for a maximum of 3 days, why the eggs you scrambled when you were younger were so runny, etc, etc…

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