homemade fennel crackers (vegan & GF)

plated-millet-crackersWhile the title of this post might seem very angelic, it was because I wanted to consume chicken liver mousse, avocado, and fatty fish and coconut fat that made me construct a rustic cracker this morning.  I’m certainly not putting something dry on my vegan cracker.  (I guess that’s why they have such a positive association!  Crackers, that is… they always get topped with something rich.)

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3 ways to make your morning better

bourgogne-fenceYou guys.  I’m stranded.  …in a cold little village in the middle of Bourgogne, the Burgundy wine region of France.  I couldn’t call myself kidnapped, but I am definitely whisked out of the city, into a place where rooms are heated by fire, the day’s activity is going for a walk in a field or shopping for groceries, and life has slowed down for a wee moment before the year really begins.

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how to fillet a fish

I am going to paint some scenarios where this could be useful to you, knowing how to fillet a fish:

1. You’re on a tropical vacation with a gorgeous man, deep sea fishing in Mexico.  You return after a day in the hot sun to your cabana where he faints of hunger.  You filet the fish, cook it over an open fire with a mojito in hand, and wake him up with the most tender piece of gently cooked fish you’ve ever tasted.  He thanks you well.

2. You’re stranded in a forest where you’ve found the rock of eternal life.  It says you can receive the knowledge of its powers if and only if you live in the forest for a month without leaving it.  The rivers are replete with fresh trout.  You are surrounded by fresh herbs and berries, and this is going to be your diet.  At the end of the month, you find out what this life is all about.  Because you ate fish.

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natural antimicrobial foods

coconut-oil-flu-2015The walls of my apartment are starting to feel a little like a hospital.  Coughs are practically harmonizing through the walls, and my boyfriend and I might as well be the conductors.

2015 started out chilly, and it might as well just read FLU in bold and neon (and italics)?

I have nothing against modern medicine.  It was, I must remind myself, the reason I did not die at age 10 after going into anaphylactic shock after eating a Brazil Nut.  However, I don’t think it’s always necessary, particularly if it’s just because I might want to feel a bit gussy from flu meds that won’t actually cure anything.

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bubble child holiday special!!

Happy holidays Bubble Children!!

Here is the best I can do to offer my warmest holiday greetings:  two recipes very dear to my heart and stomach, both on the repeat list, and one that is vegan and the other that is for carnivores.

Recipes: Chicken Liver Mousse / Coriander Leek Soup (vegan)

I hope you can get some of the technique I’ve picked up in Paris from them, and above all, that they can provide some form of pleasure for you and your loved one this holiday season.

Cheers, and have a beautiful dive into 2015!