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BUBBLE CHILD featured on VEGAN MIAM this week

vegan miam screenshotRika and Doni are living the vegan dream.  Their blog Vegan Miam — “miam” deriving from the French word for “yum” — catapults them around the world, where they explore major and minor cities alike, tasting their way through the animal-free side of the local cuisine.  This week, I am absolutely honored to have guest posted a complete vegan version of my homemade spring roll with thai “peanut” sauce.

Nut and gluten-free, of course.  (and complete herbavore as the name would have it!)

I recommend checking out the site.  For meat avoiders and embracers, the photography is so tantalizing you won’t care if the dishes were made from cardboard.  (Which would be rather impressive and disappointing all at once.)

Bubble Child on Vegan Miam:

two springrolls

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reflections on great things

vegan thai mint soup

I have come to the realization that it takes an enormous amount of energy to do great things.  I’ve heard that once and I hear it now.

Great things come in a grand spread of forms.  Great things are tying your shoe for the first time, overcoming the loss of a parent, turning your creative passion into a full time occupation while trying to make ends meet.  These are great things, and the energy they take is both new and demanding, intense relatively and independently.

If the source of this energy is undefined, the negations of it are certainly not: bad relationships, lack of self love, an imbalance of health.

Health is beyond physical.  It is mental, emotional, spiritual.  It is a type of self love humble and convincing at once.  If we know that a lack thereof deprives great things, and we live in a society obsessed with great things, why don’t we take care of ourselves more?

Kudos to you for visiting a site that cares about health, pleasure, and what we put in our bodies.  Take care of yourself this weekend!  And then share it.  :)

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Vaikas Burbule! Bubble Child in Lithuania

vaikas burbuleIt’s official.  Bubble Child is now in Lithuania!  (“Vaikas burbule” to be precise.)  But why this Baltic country?  Because shortly following the new Bubble Child cookbook, we will be partnering with my buddy Jared’s company Tervezo (whom I met studying abroad in Paris in 2007 when I was first hit with my French food obsession) to expand the media of the project here.  Filming at a Lithuanian lake house?  Ookkkkk.

buckwheatGetting to know the local cuisine has been surprising for me, especially in the realm of gluten-free.  A traditional ingredient is “grikiai”, which is buckwheat that is boiled and served warm for both breakfast as porridge and meals as a starch.  Despite “wheat” being in the name, buckwheat does not contain gluten, nor is it in the same family as traditional wheat or spelt.  Kasha* is a common name for roasted buckwheat, and is easy to find in health stores.  It is delicious served as you would rice and has a luxuriously earthy flavor.

Kasha (Roasted Buckwheat): For ideal cooking, boil 2 cups water with a large pinch sea salt, add 1 cup kasha (or toasted buckwheat grains), bring to boil again, cover, reduce heat to low, and let simmer for about 20 minutes, or until all liquid has been absorbed and grains are cooked al dente.  I recommend tossing in a few teaspoons high quality olive oil, paprika and lemon zest for a subtle flavor boost.

*If you cannot find the roasted version, toast your own grains in a sauté pan for 5 minutes over medium-high heat with no oil stirring frequently to increase flavor and reduce cooking time.  Then cook according to method above.

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We’re back

potato basket salad pesto fish purple potato pureeHello Bubble Children,

You may have wondered where your allergenically challenged blogging buddy has been for the past several months.  I have been burning myself and eating far too much “studying” to complete the Grand Diplome program in Paris at Le Cordon Bleu.  (Yeah Julia Child’s school… although us Americans are the only ones who really mention that there.  They’ve got more important things to tell us about, like French food.)

After getting a more unusual “cap and gown” than I have received in years past, I am ready to Cordon Bleu Gradautioncontinue working at the michelin-starred Le Pur’ restaurant in the Park Hyatt Place Vendome, which I have been doing extra work at during schooling.  It’d be safe to understate it as “inspiring” for recipe writing!

Thank you for your patience, and let’s turn those food allergies a bit gourmet, non?

Look out for recipes this week… starting with the recipe for the plate at the top of this post.  (GF, nut-free, lactose-light with modifications)


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Whiskey Vanilla Pudding Chocolate Cake or 10-minute Garlic Tomato Pizza Bread?

Decisions, decisions

Which recipe would you like to receive next?

whiskey chocolate vanilla pudding cake..a gluten-free cake fluffy cake flavored with whiskey, vanilla bean pudding, and chocolate

10 minute pizza bread..or a 10-minute fool-proof recipe for a fascinatingly delicious pizza bread, adorned with tomato, garlic, and gratin-ed goodness?

montageThe choice is yours, Bubble Children.  Next post controlled by you!


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