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how to pit cherries screenshot

how to pit cherries with chopsticks

Some people may not like their mother-in-laws, and that I understand.  I happen to be a lucky one in that not only do I like her, but she sends me videos like this.  (And she’s one of the only French women I know who eats gluten-free, so…. <3 !!!)

Enjoy this tip.  And make a pie or something with it.  :)


a lazy 4th of July cake

4th-of-july-cake-cutThere are some, and bless you, who have every holiday planned out to a “T”.  Your ingredients are bought 3 days before, you know what dessert is being served at X hour, your iced tea mint leaves are already in perfect chiffonade.

Then, there are some like, well, yours truly.  We wake up and say, “Ah, oh right, it’s my country of origin’s birthday.”  And then the train of thought stops and moves onto other things, like how your cat slept that night, how amazing it is that nail polish remains on your hands for a maximum of 3 days, why the eggs you scrambled when you were younger were so runny, etc, etc…

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gluten free fettucini – hand made, no machine!

yo yo yo.  And a bottle of… wine?  It’s time for pasta, that is.  Gluten-free.

I just got back from New York, and my it was a jolly change from eating, or trying to eat, gluten-free in Paris.  Don’t get me wrong, I would be a bully to complain about living abroad, but there is just something very pleasant about knowing that if you go to a restaurant, you can get something that won’t put you into a digestive coma because of food allergy restrictions.

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gluten-free buckwheat baguette

It’s supposed to be warm here… which means picnics. I filmed this on one of the few days where it was not resemblant of winter (which it has been of late, and the Californian in me is peeved.)
Anyways, here is one of my favorite videos I’ve done on a classic that boggles the minds of many glutenivores – GLUTEN-FREE BAGUETTE!!

Take a walk with me around my neighborhood as the dough rises, and we dig into the new classic with a little charcuterie and wine afterwards. :)

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