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dungeness crab image

WARNING! Toxic Crab in California

dungeness crab imageYep.  As appetizing as the above photo may seem, it ain’t worth it this season.  Tragedy?  Eh… depends on your life experience, but surely not happy news.

SF Gate – Don’t eat Dungeness crab

Check out this article from the SF Gate reporting that Dungenese Crab Season this year is temporarily delayed and potentially cancelled due to toxic high levels of Domoic Acid in the waters/sand.

Be careful!  And tell your friends if they live in the region.  </3


pickled beets

We got real spooky this Halloween week in the Bubble Child kitchen.  Here’s a quick video on how to make Pickled Beets.  These are one of my favorite things to put on salads, or serve with a little goat’s cheese and some crackers.

Enjoy these year-round, but beware, the gruesome end to this video is uniquely Halloween.

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Candy Corn Cookies (vegan & paleo!)

It’s no lie when I say that I use cooking as a means to escape.  Boring family discussion in the kitchen?  Oh no, looks like I need to make a pie.  Don’t want to file taxes?  Seems like that gluten-free falafel should be prepared right now.  It’s almost Halloween?  I suppose I should become the Cheshire Cat and make some Vegan & Paleo Halloween Candy Corn Cookies.

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cheese shot with katie

why cheese is scientifically addictive

cheese shot with katieWe all know that cheese is “addictive”, but seriously.  Is it?

Turns out it might be a lot more like morphine than we thought.  …but really.  Like, chemically related.

A certain protein called “Casein” is concentrated in cheese during the fermentation process.  When you eat cheese, your body breaks down the casein into a series of different amino acids, called casomorphins.

Casomorphins then attach to the opiate receptors in the brain, very similarly to how the compounds in morphine, well, do the same thing and make you feel great.

…as well as heroin, and other opioids.

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homemade falafel (gluten-free & vegan)

To make real falafel, you’ve just gotta avoid those canned goods.  And trust me, it tastes unreal.

When you get falafel on the street, in a restaurant, anywhere besides your home, it has this really lovely texture to it.  It’s cooked through, kinda crunchy, but mushy on the inside… the outside is browned, the aromas of cumin and some sort of green herb fill your mouth as you gobble it down with some tantalizing sauces and vegetables oozing more flavor into the equation.  It’s really lovely, and if and when you’ve tried to recreate that at home, it might not sing the same… if you’re using canned beans.

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